Thursday, August 20, 2009

What My Children Are Reading, August 20 edition

As many families in the U.S. are already back to school or getting ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks, this week I'd like families to share their reading routines/habits once the kids go back to school.

  • What family reading challenges do you face when the kids go back to school?
  • What changes do you make to your reading routine once the kids are back in school?
  • Do your kids have the opportunity to "read for fun," or do they seem too slammed with school work and reading books for class assignments?
  • If you're a teacher, do you have the ability to fit in "reading for fun" time into your classroom schedule?
  • What are some tips you have for other parents?
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  1. We will read more that school is starting. My daughter and I have a biiiig commute, and now that she is reading, our 1/2 hour boat ride will turn into scheduled reading time twice a day!

  2. My reading habits change when school starts cause I am a teacher, without children. I will be looking for lots of good read alouds, and we do have free reading time, and when they finish a task, they get to pick some book I have gotten from the library.

  3. First of all, "1/2 hour boat ride?" Stacy, where do you live?

    For twelve years we were amazing with our reading schedule. We read pretty much every night before bed, at least a 1/2 hr and sometimes more. We read to the kids, with the kids, alongside the kids. Last year was the first year it really fell apart. The schedules of a 4th and 7th grader, their activities, the things we wanted to do together made it much harder. My now 8th grader has been reading like crazy this summer, and will certainly read much less for fun during the school year. On the other hand, the set schedule of the school year actually forces my now 5th grader to make the time to read - which she wouldn't do otherwise.

    But what worked for us for a long time - and I think 12 years is a pretty good run - is making the last 1/2 hr of the day Reading Time.

  4. Stacy,
    I was wondering the exact same thing as MotherReader. Do you have to ride a boat in order to get to work and school? In any case, it's great that you can turn this time into reading time.

    When I was teaching, I rarely had time to read on my own. That was left to the summer break. My high schoolers were not fond of read alouds, but we did schedule weekly library trips, and often had free reading time.

    I often wonder about the challenges parents face when school and extracurricular activities cut into a long-established reading routine. But it looks like your nightly ritual has helped your kids turn into readers even though there is less time to read together.

  5. My daughter's 18 months old, so I can't answer these questions yet except to say that we read pretty much every hour of the day right now. :)

    Loving the preview at what's to come though! Thanks to everyone for sharing in the comments.