Monday, August 20, 2012

Update: Summer Reading Challenge, Etc.

Whew...what a crazy summer it's been!

I had some security issues with the blog, but everything seems to be resolved now. Work has been super busy, but I'm happy to say that my littles and I surpassed our 300 book mark a couple of weeks ago. We've been averaging about five books a night, and some nights we've even read 10.

My little boy's favorite book right now is The Monster at the End of This Book. He is completely obsessed. I have the app on my iPhone as well, which is really super cute if you're into book apps.

My little girl is really into dinosaurs, so we've been hitting the library every weekend and reading all about dinosaurs. She can tell the difference between a carnivore and herbivore just by looking at a photo of the dinosaur, and I'm absolutely loving watching her reasoning skills grow.

Kindergarten starts the day after Labor Day, so we've been in school shopping mode and practicing our routine. Her school seems to place a big emphasis on reading, and we were both excited to learn that she will be able to visit the school library every day if she wants to.

I'm interested in hearing from parents about how you work in reading with your kids during the school year. Do you have a routine you stick to? Or any tips or tricks? I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about all day Kindergarten. I know she will be super tired and don't want to push her but also want to make sure we still read at home. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

 I have been doing quite a bit of reading myself and am working on some reviews. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!