Saturday, August 22, 2009

One to Ten...and back again by Betty Ann Schwartz, illistrated by Susie Shakir

This interactive "pull-the-ribbon" book has been one of my daughter's favorite books since I bought it for her over a year ago. Now that she's learning to count and can recognize all of the insects and animals in the book, she wants to "read" it all of the time.

When you turn each page of the book, a brightly colored ribbon appears with an illustration of the insect or animal featured on that particular spread. For example, on the first page, you see one bee, on the second, you see two butterflies, and so on.

Everytime you turn the page, a new ribbon appears until you get to 10. Then you can flip the book upside down and count backwards from 10 to 9.

When my daughter was smaller, she had difficulty turning the pages on her own, but now at 2 1/2, she has no trouble at all. When I first bought the book, I was uncertain about how the book would withstand not-so-gentle toddler hands, but it really does look almost brand new after over a year of hard play.

I love interactive books for young children because they help kids see that reading AND learning can be fun. Do you have any favorite interactive books in your house?

ISBN: 978-1932403275 | Smartlink Books | September 20, 2007 | Source: Bought in bookstore

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  1. I bought this book for my son when he was about 18 months. I still like it more than he did!