Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oprah's Kids Reading List

Now, I have mixed feelings about Oprah, but I think she's doing a good thing for children's literacy with her Kids Reading List.

The list is divided into book recommendations for different age groups from Infant to Age 12 and up, and includes a nice mix of newer books and classics. The list also includes suggestions for making reading fun.


  1. It is an interesting list. I guess I look at lists like those and I'm glad I can make my own! There are books she included that I wouldn't and there are classics she didn't include that I would. These things are all subjective....

  2. I saw the list and was actually pretty happy that she's decided to put out a list. Anything to get more kids reading isn't a bad idea.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    There are definitely different books that I would put on the list, but I'm glad that she is promoting literacy and giving parents a place to start.

    I agree!

  4. I'm not agree with the list from Oprah it just annoy kids so much.