Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Junie B. Jones, Reviewed by the Well-Read First Grader


Hi friends - I'm happy to bring to you the first review by my very own first grader. We've read a few Junie B. Jones books and were saddened to hear of author Barbara Park's passing on November 15th.  We write this review in her honor.

What is Junie B. Jones about?
It's about this girl that does naughty things like go crazy in the nurse's room. She also talks a lot.  One time she needed glasses and drew a screaming chicken instead of a clock. That was hilarious. Me and my mommy cracked up and laughed so hard we almost threw up.

Why do you like Junie B. Jones? 
Because it is funny. She is funny.

Why should kids read Junie B. Jones books? 
Because it is sometimes entertaining. It is easy to read, but your mom may need to help you with some words. Also, it's really funny.

Do you want to read more Junie B. Jones books? 
Yes. Definitely.

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