Monday, June 27, 2011

If Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk

Alphabet books are a dime a dozen, but once in a while, I come across truly unique alphabet books, and Leslie McGuirk's If Rocks Could Sing is one of them.

The book is a collection of "found rocks" that just happen to look like letters and other things like ghosts, toast, a nose, and more. The book goes through each letter of the alphabet featuring a rock in the shape of that letter along with an object or concept that illustrates the letter.

For example, T is for toast. 
The rock really looks like a delicious slice of toast.

Some are a little more abstract. For instance O stands for "Ouch" and the rock on that page looks like it's wincing in pain.

G is for "Ghost," and it features a spread full of eerie looking rocks that really do resemble floating ghosts.

Check out N:

Seriously cute, right? What I really love about this book the most is the creativity it inspires. My daughter loves rocks, and on our daily walks, she hunts rocks and points out the things she sees. This is a truly unique book that is definitely worth checking out.  

Reading level: Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Tricycle Press (May 24, 2011) | ISBN-13: 978-1582463704 | Source: Review copy from publisher

Images from If Rocks Could Sing by Leslie McGuirk, copyright © 2011 by Leslie McGuirk. Reprinted by permission of Tricycle Press, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc.


  1. Have you found any rocks that look like letters on your walks? My kids would like this book, I think.

  2. We haven't found any except for lots of "O's." :-) But we have found a lion and a diamond, according to my 4-year-old. I'm interested in hearing what you and your kids think if you get a chance to check it out.

  3. I may have to look at this. When I was about 8, my prized possession was a rock that looked like the state of Ohio. Bored several classes with THAT for show and tell!

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  5. I love it! Thanks for the post!

  6. nice post!! cute and yet very educational.. my baby will definitely fall for it..