Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Days of Reading

Wow - it's 2011. This year marks 11 years of living and working in the DC area, 13 years of togetherness with the hubs, and eight years of marriage. Also this year my kids will turn one and four, and The Well-Read Child will turn four in November. You know, this year has been challenging, especially after returning to work as a mom of two. But after long days of working, dinner, bath time, and everything else that comes with the job, my favorite part of the day was snuggling with my kids reading books.

My daughter is almost four now, and reading with her has turned into a super fun and rewarding time. I started this blog in 2007 because I wanted to capture memories of reading with her. Along the way, it turned into something more - I found a community of people who were just as passionate as I was about reading with kids and literacy, I started receiving books in the mail, and through reading other reviews and posts, my TBR pile grew tremendously. Somewhere along the way, I seemed to forget my initial purpose for the blog, and I'm finding that I'm forgetting special reading moments with my kids.

New Year's Day always marks a time when I'm setting new goals for myself, and my mid-February, many of them have fallen by the wayside. This year, I'm only making one resolution -  to read with my kids every single day and to also read something for myself. I want this blog to be a record of this. I hope to share what I'm reading, funny stories, questions, and comments. I want it to record 365 days of reading with my kids.


  1. What an admirable resolution! Good luck with it!

  2. A great resolution. Thank you for this blog, and Happy New Year to you.

  3. It is easy to lose your way as the TBR pile grows! I stopped blogging for a few months this year when that happened to me (I was at the library selecting "bloggable" books rather than following my son's leads as much as I should have, and then I'd feel pressured by this big pile of books I'd need to review). One thing that helped me a lot was to only accept books for review that I know my son can read and enjoy NOW. No more books that were too advanced for him, that I'd be having to read and review without him. Happy new year!