Saturday, September 25, 2010

Banned Books Week

Today marks the beginning of this year's Banned Books Week. I stopped questioning why others decide to challenge and ban books. It makes me too angry and is something that I just don't understand. So my act of rebellion is to read as many banned books as I can. Especially during Banned Books Week, I try to read or re-read some of the books that have been most challenged during the past year.

See this year's top 10 and learn more about what you can do here.

This week, I'm starting with one of my all time favorites, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. I treated myself to the 50th Anniversary Edition. When anyone asks me who my favorite literary character is, Atticus Finch is always near the top of my list. What a wonderful character, a wonderful book, and what a downright amazing story.

I've read most of the other books on the top ten, but I've never read The Chocolate War. I think I'll try that next.

Are you doing anything for Banned Books Week?

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  1. I'm hoping to read and review banned books this week. There are so many great books on the list, that it's practically a guarantee that you'll find a book to love on the list.Happy reading!