Thursday, June 18, 2009

What My Children Are Reading Meme, June 18, 2009 Edition

Welcome to Week 3 of What My Children Are Reading. I'm really enjoying reading everyone's posts and hope you're finding recommendations for your own children from other participants.

One thing I don't talk about a lot is reading things other than books, children's magazines in particular. We read a lot of magazines in our house and subscribe to two children's magazines that we absolutely love.

National Geographic Little Kids comes every other month, and it's designed specifically for kids aged 3-6. However, my daughter is only two, and really enjoys this magazine. It's small and full of photographs of baby animals and picture games. I BELIEVE it's in its charter year and hope it's continued and that eventually it will be offered monthly.

We also subscribe to Highlights High Five magazine for children aged 2-6. Anyone familiar with Highlights for Kids will notice the familiar puzzles, stories, recipes, crafts, and interactive games, but these are designed for the younger age group.

We also check out a lot of different magazines from our library. Our library has a wide variety of back issues of children's magazines, and adult magazines for that matter, available for checkout.

Magazines are a great way to introduce kids to reading and are especially good for reluctant readers who may feel intimidated by a bigger book. What about you? Do you read magazines with your kids?

What have your kids been reading this week?


  1. Love this! I meant to jump in two weeks ago, but I'm going back now to check out all the other links.

  2. Our kiddos (ages 6 and 3) have had a subscription to My Big Backyard, but they don't spend much time with it. I checked out issues of Ladybug and Spider for them at the library, but those haven't caught their interest yet either. I have fond memories of my Cricket days, so maybe there's hope for them yet :)

    Got my post up at Holes in My Shiny Veneer-- fair warning: it's a long one!

  3. Great question. Funny thing, this week, Amelia has been wanting to read whatever I'm reading. So in the morning, I have to hand her a section of the Post, and at night, she's sitting on the couch next to me trying to read Cheever's "Bullet Park" over my shoulder.

  4. My "What Are the Kids Reading?" participation has drastically dropped off after only one week, as my school library is now officially shut down for the summer and I'm trying to get all the books back in and not out. Just under 400 to go!

  5. Not as much reading this week as last week but the books are longer. Here is my post.

  6. Hi, we are reading quite a few books specially at night, but there is always one that we do activities with. thanks :)

  7. My two love The National Geographic Magazine too and they also get magazines from a couple of other Wildlife groups they belong to. For Christmas they were given a subscription to the Puffin Club and in fact, the next time I catch Little Brother reading it under the table, I'll take a photograph and send it in to you! In answer to your question, we don't usually sit down to read them together but, a bit like reading snippets out from the newspaper, come to think of it, they do share things that strike them particularly - and all the jokes!

    I've just come across your Meme - great idea!

  8. Hmm - what are some magazines to have in a middle school library? I feel like I have a lot that teachers love and only 1 or 2 that actually appeal to students.