Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Picks

Board Book

Busy Chickens by John Schindel and Steven Holt

Tricycle Press just released the newest installment in their "Busy Animals" series. This board book features beautiful full-color photographs of different types of chickens performing actions like scratching and perching. Not only is this is a great book to teach kids action words, but it's a fun way to see all of the different kinds of chickens out there. We are most impressed with the chickens with mohawks at our house.

Picture Book
Scaredy Squirrel at Night by Mélanie Watt

Our good friend Scaredy Squirrel is back, and you can probably guess by the title what Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of--sleeping of course. After all, you never know what kinds of bad dreams you'll have. Scaredy Squirrel has lots of ways to stay awake, from counting stars to making scrapbooks, but when a horoscope tells him that all of his dreams will come true, he devises a plan in true Scaredy Squirrel form that will surely keep him awake.

Fans of Scaredy Squirrel will not be disappointed, and parents will probably be asked to read it over and over again. Scaredy Squirrel's glow-in-the-dark teeth on the jacket flap add an additional surprise. This is a perfect bedtime story that may just help ease fears of sleeping in your little ones.


  1. We liked Busy Chickens a lot too! WIll have to check out Scaredy Squirrel sometime.

  2. Scaredy Squirrel is so funny! It is definitely one for the adults, this adult anyway! I haven't seen this one yet.