Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mo and Jo Fighting Together by Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch

Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever
A Toon Book by Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch

Review by Erica Moore

What if your mailman stopped by to reveal that he is your favorite super hero, that he is retiring to Florida and wants to give you his super suit with all his powers? Well that is exactly what happens to twins Mona and Joey. Unfortunately Mo and Jo fight about everything and they tear the mighty Mojo's costume in half. But mom comes to the rescue and sews two new suits out of one. Mo's suit has stretchy arms and Jo's suit has magnetic boots. But will the dynamic duo be able to combine their powers and fight mighty Mojo's arch enemy Saw Jaw and save the city parade or will they be stuck fighting each other? Yes they can, in the end just like the title, Mo and Jo fighting together save the day as team MoJo. Yeah!

The colors in the panels are high contrast and really make the art and action pop in the story. Mo and Jo's costumes are red and green tones and the evil green lizard Saw Jaw wears a fuschia costume. There is a block like quality to the illustrations giving them a very retro feeling. This combined with the bright colors and the goofiness of the dialog make the comic appealing and perfect for young readers. The fighting is fun to read and adds to the fast paced action of the story. Mo and Jo's witty barbs drive the dialog and are reminiscent of the repartee between foes in comics. The text bubbles will also help kids know who is talking in the comic. There is a lot going on in this comic with the fast back-and-forth dialog and the action in the art work. For some readers it may present a challenge but this is a book kids will pick up again.

Publisher: Toon Books, RAW Junior LLC
Review source: Publisher
Ages 4- 9, grades K-3rd
Copyright: October 2008
ISBN 13: 978-0-9799238-5-2
ISBN 10: 0-9799238-5-9

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