Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet Erica Moore!

I'm happy to introduce Erica Moore, a new contributor at The Well-Read Child.

After 11 years as a children's librarian in Portland Oregon I recently decided to stay home with my two kids, ages 2 and 5. This hasn't really given me more time to read, do laundry, daydream, or hang out on twitter but I now see my family on the weekends and our lives are less hurried and stressed. I feel more focused and connected. I love reading kids lit and I do mix in an adult book here and there, but they happen to be more of the tech industry and business genre rather than that other kind of adult book. Mostly because those are the adult books that float around our house thanks to my husband. I will read most anything and at least start... or finish it. I do have the bad habit of jumping to the end of the story. Sometimes this is to see if the middle is worth reading and sometimes it's because the suspense is killing me and I can't help but peek. That it my dirty little secret. I have also started books only to discover that I've already read it. I would like to think this is because I try and read quite a bit, and hey sometimes they change the cover art, but it could also just be a terrible memory. I think there are strong points and weak points with almost any book and it's great to celebrate the strengths even while acknowledging the weaker side. Cheers to all the authors, illustrators and poets who provide us with wonderful stories.

Welcome Erica!


  1. Your blog is growing by leaps and bounds! So exciting to see all the reviewers!

  2. I soooo excited about all of the great reviewers Natasha!