Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Shelly Burns!

I'm happy to introduce Shelly Burns as a new contributor at The Well-Read Child! You can find Shelly blogging at Write for a Reader.

My name is Shelly Burns and I am a teacher; what I have wanted to be since I was 5. Not only am I a teacher, but a daughter, sister, wife, step-mother, grandmother, mind-molder, reader, book-lover, and so much more.

I have taught 2nd, kindergarten, and 3rd grade. My current role is Title I Reading, where I get to work with 2nd-5th grade at-risk students. I am also the Lead Mentor on my campus which means I get to help new teachers in our building. I love my job! I do have my Masters in Educational Leadership, but so far am still in a teaching role. Although, being an AP or Principal is teaching, just in a different way.

My husband and I live in Conroe, TX on 9 acres. We raise Paint Horses, of which we have 7. We also have 2 dogs. I have 2 step-daughters that are grown and married, each with children. From them, we have 4 beautiful grandchildren, three girls and a boy.

I absolutely love to read! My mom read to me from an early age, and I have been reading since I was 4. My favorite book of all time is Charlotte’s Web; I wore the cover off of it when I was in elementary school. I love that my job is to help children read better and to love to read. I spend a lot of time online and in the library looking for and reviewing books to use with my students, for the teachers, and for me personally.

Welcome Shelly!

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