Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet Sheila Jones

I'm excited to welcome Sheila Jones as the newest contributor at The Well-Read Child.

Sheila Jones is a homeschooler living on an island in the Pacific Northwest. She has three kids, a thriving garden, and never thought she'd find herself as a stay at home parent, let alone a homeschooler, at this point in her life. In snatched moments of time she reads, gardens, and writes a blog: Greenridge Chronicles.

Sheila started reading aloud to her kids last year, because a certain library book was due back at the library and she thought it would be the fastest way to get her oldest child to read the darn book. And what do you know - they all loved that book so much that she took out the entire series and read those to them as well (she even blogged about it here).

Now she reads aloud to them every morning. Reading is the best way to start the day with her kids, Sheila says, because it gives her kids another world to inhabit, ever so briefly, but long enough to forget that they MIGHT have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Besides, it's fun.

Welcome Sheila!

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