Monday, October 13, 2008

Meet Laura Koenig!

I'm happy to welcome Laura Koenig to The Well-Read Child reviewing team!

Growing up, Laura traveled the world as part of an embassy family, but today she's settled in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently the Children's Librarian at a branch of the Boston Public Library, where she works with children and teens of all ages. When she's not reading every single children's literature blog on the internet, Laura enjoys baking, contra dancing, traveling, watching Cardinals baseball, and playing the banjo very poorly.

Laura blogs at Bib-Laura-graphy.


  1. Laura, you have my dream job in my dream location! If the heavens smile upon me and my husband gets a job in Boston, I'll be looking up your library branch :)

  2. Come visit - I'm very friendly!

  3. I can imagine how it is to work at a zoo, I love animals and I think that I will enjoy so much working at a zoo, it would be like a dream come true!