Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News and Such

I'm a little behind with reviews this week but wanted to share some interesting links I've found.

First off, teachers and homeschooling parents, be sure to check out Open Wide, Look Inside. This week, there are reviews of tons of books you can use for Earth Science lessons. Each review comes with curriculum connections and supporting resources. Great stuff!

Here's another great resource: Over at I.N.K, Interesting Nonfiction for Kids, in a post titled "Learning Sideways," author Gretchen Woelfle shares some great nonfiction books that, according to Gretchen, "slide..learning in sideways so that kids hardly know what hit them."

While we're talking about Nonfiction, I'm so happy and excited to be part of the round 1 Nonfiction Middle Grade/Young Adult Panel for this year's Cybils Awards! I'm looking forward to participating this year with a fabulous group of bloggers. Nominations open on October 1st for nine different categories, so get your list together now! Don't worry though...I'll remind you again next week!

On the topic of books I want to read, Jen Robinson has convinced me to add yet another book to my never ending pile of books. Her review on Cecilia Galante's The Patron Saint of Butterflies made me request this from my library today. The quote from the book Jen included in her review was amazing, and I can't wait to read it.

And finally, Shana Berg, author of A Thousand Never Evers, shares the heartwarming and inspirational story of Basarat Kazim, a woman who has worked for years to bring books and literacy to Pakastani children. Her newest project, Scheherezade’s Treasure Trove, involves creating 48 libraries in school cupboards because there is no room for libraries in these schools. She plans on placing 1,001 books and a Scheherezade puppet theatre in the cupboards of each school and decorating the cupboards with images from The Thousand and One Nights. Visit Shana's blog to learn more and see how you can donate books to the project.

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  1. Hope you like the book, Jill. I keep adding titles to my never-ending stack, too. So many great books out there!