Friday, July 18, 2008

Little Brothers Are... AND Little Sisters Are... by Beth Norling

Little Brothers Are...
Little Sisters Are...
Author and Illustrator: Beth Norling
Reading level: Ages 0-3
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Kane/Miller Book Pub (March 1, 2008)
Language: English

I'm wrapping up my "Books for Expectant Siblings" week with a pair of books that are just perfect for big brothers and big sisters. Part of Kane/Miller's Toddler Tales series, Little Brothers Are... and Little Sisters Are... describe little brothers and sisters using fun adjectives and equally fun illustrations featuring big brothers and sisters with their younger siblings.

Here's an excerpt from Little Brothers Are...
"Little brothers are wriggly, bubbly, naughty, and scared." The illustrations that span four pages show:
  • A little brother trying to wiggle out his brother's arms to reach a cute little dog below him (wriggly)
  • Another little brother blowing big bubbles with his adoring big sister (bubbly)
  • Another little brother pulling a cat's tale (Naughty)
  • The same little brother jumping into his big brother's arms and being chased by the cat whose tail was pulled (Scared)
You can expect the same format in Little Sisters Are...:
"Little sisters can be tiny, cuddly, smelly and sad." The illustrations include:
  • A tiny newborn baby sleeping (tiny)
  • A big sister lovingly cuddling what looks like the same baby (cuddly)
  • A big sister holding her nose as a little sister with an obviously heavy and stinky diaper approaches (smelly)
  • A little baby girl reaching out and crying (sad)
Both books end with the same sentiment. "My little brother/sister is my best friend. I love my little brother/ sister."

I really like these books first because they're funny. Kids will get a kick out of the illustrations and some of the funny adjectives used to describe little brothers and sisters. They'll also probably be able to relate to many of them. The books also convey the positive message that even though little brothers and sisters may sometimes be a bit of a pain, you still love them. This may definitely help children who are adjusting to new siblings in their lives.

You can also use these books to help teach about adjectives and even work with your child to come up with your own descriptions of younger siblings.

The books are also available in Spanish. Visit Kane/Miller's website for more information.

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