Saturday, May 3, 2008

Share Your Reviews!

Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf recently started "Weekly Geeks," a weekly forum for bloggers. Each week, Dewey will give a different theme, such as "catch up on your reviews," "redecorate your blog," etc. Read all of the details and get a snazzy button here. I think this is an awesome idea and a great way to learn about other blogs and "meet" new bloggers.

Last week's was the first week, and the theme was "Discover New Blogs Week." I couldn't get my act together last week to participate, but I'm spending some time this weekend to look at some of the participants' blogs that I haven't seen before.

This week, Dewey challenges us to adopt Darla's (from Books and Other Thoughts) review method. Basically, Darla invites her readers to submit their links to reviews of the same books she's reviewed on her blog. She then posts the link to that review at the end of her review.

When I review a book, I do a google blog search to find other blog reviews of the same books and have recently been linking to them, along with a little snippet from the review. I love to hear what other people think about the book and love to read different perspectives. I also think it's important that readers are able to read what others think about the book because it helps them make better informed decisions. However, once I've posted a review, I rarely go back and try to find reviews that were written after mine. I would love to, but it really is a time issue.

So, I'm officially inviting you to take a look at the books I've reviewed. I have a categorized list of all book reviews in the left-hand column. If you've reviewed a book on your blog that I've also reviewed, please leave a comment with your link in the post of that particular book review. I will add your link at the end of my review, along with a little snippet from you review to give readers a sneak peek at what you have to say. Even if your review disagrees with my assessment, don't be hesitant to leave your link. As I said before, I love to read different perspectives, and I know that people have different tastes and viewpoints.

So, what are you waiting for? Send your links!

Read more about this week's Weekly Geeks challenge here.


  1. Hi!

    I've found one review that we share in common. I'll be linking to you tonight. Here's my link:

    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

  2. Puss Reboots: Thanks for stopping by. I added your link to the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See post!

  3. Jill this is a great idea! I think using Mr. Linky is perfect. I might start doing that on a wrung sponge too. I don't know about going back in the archives though... that could take me all summer given my reduced blogging time LOL! I admire you coming up with this plan. I'll look and see if we have any books in common.

  4. Hi Cloudscome,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback. I know what you mean about limited time...