Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Animals Board Book Series

With three cats and a dog in our house, we are definitely animal lovers, and my daughter, who will turn one in just a couple of weeks, absolutely loves our animals. She also loves Tricycle Press's Busy Animal Board Books.

We own four of the eight books in the series:
  • Busy Kitties, by John Schindel, photography by Sean Franzen
  • Busy Penguins, by John Schindel, photography by Jonathan Chester
  • Busy Doggies, by John Schindel, photography by Beverly Sparks
  • Busy Monkeys, by John Schindel, photography by Luiz Claudio Marigo

Each page in the book features a full-color photographs of an animal(s) demonstrating the action word on the page that will help your child build vocabulary. For example, in the Busy Kitties book, we see "Kitty hissing/ Kitty kissing/ Kitty running/ Kitty sunning" and more.

My daughter is fascinated by the photographs in these sturdy books and just sits there and smiles as she flips the pages. I also appreciate that they will introduce her to other animals, like monkeys and penguins, that she doesn't have the chance to see in their natural habitats.

Other books in the series that we're adding to our wish list include:

These would all make a great addition to your young child's library.

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