Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kersplatypus Learning Activities

I think the late Steve Irwin and now his daughter Bindi Sue have turned a lot of kids (and adults) onto Australia and its wildlife, so Kersplatypus will appeal to many young children, and they’ll be into learning even more about Australia.

The folks at Sylvan Dell have developed a wealth of learning activities in a variety of subject areas (math, science, language arts, etc.) and more to help you expand upon Kersplatypus. In fact, they have this with every book, which I think is wonderful.

First, in the back of Kersplatypus, they have a For Creative Minds Section,” that offers expansion activities such as platypus facts, and discussion questions about bullies. This section is even available in pdf format online that you can print out and duplicate.

Second, they offer a comprehensive guide chock full of teaching activities that can help you discuss the book and teach more about Australia. There are language arts, science, math, research and geography, and character activities.

Third, they offer a wealth of learning links where you and your child can go online to learn more about Australia and its animals.

Next, you can go online and listen to each published book in audio format. Kersplatypus is not available yet.

Sylvan Dell also offers online comprehension quizzes teachers can use to test reading comprehension.

Finally, Sylvan Dell offers a variety of ideas for craft activities for your budding artists.


  1. I think it's a wonderful idea for publishers of children's books to include so many activities, online and otherwise, with their books. As a parent and consumer, it sure makes me more likely to buy the book! This looks like a good one- I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for it while I see what Sylvan Dell books my library already has. Thanks for blogging about it!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    thanks for your comment. I'm a big fan of Sylvan Dell and their mission, and as a parent myself, I completely agree with you. I hope you enjoy their books as much as I do.


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