Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Squash That Bug Learning Activities

Don't Squash That Bug!: The Curious Kid's Guide to Insects (Lobster Learners) by Natalie Rompella is a great introduction to insects that will keep your kids entertained and informed.

Here are a number of online resources where your child can learn even more about insects. This is just a small sampling of what's out there.

Various insect lesson plans from Grades K-12.

Tree of Life Web Project
From the site: The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. …the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics.

Buginfo from the Smithsonian Institution
Information sheets on a variety of insects.

Helen's World of Nature Photography
Gorgeous photos of all kinds of insects and more.

Interesting articles from the USDA about insects such as, "Bug Gut Analysis: What's Eating You?" and "Got Insect Troubles? Call on a Spider!"

Enchanted Learning
Get lesson plans and lots of fun insect craft ideas. I like the Litter Bug and the Butterfly Wand .

Insects for Kids
A resource to a lot of different insect resources.

Tomorrow, I'm reviewing a fiction book about bugs, Eliza and the Dragonfly, and on Thursday, I'll give you links to more great insect books.

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