Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who Will Sing a Lullaby? by Dee Lillegard

We're home from visiting my family, and finally settling back into our routine. Tonight, I picked upWho Will Sing a Lullaby? by Dee Lillegard. This was the first time I've read the book, and neither of us were disappointed.

In the book, a baby is crying, and all of the birds from an owl to a swan try to get it to go to sleep. Just as baby goes to sleep, they make a noise and baby wakes up again. Finally, little Nightingale, who has been trying to be heard the entire time, gets a chance to put baby to sleep. Is he successful? Let's just say that baby isn't the only one to go to sleep.

Dee Lillegard's rhythmic text and Dan Yaccarino's vibrant illustrations kept my daughter engaged the entire time as I was reading it to her--no small feat for a ten month old who has recently had a 10-second attention span. As I was reading to her, she kept looking at the pictures and looking up at me. She helped me turn the pages and touched the pictures of the baby and birds as I pointed them out to her.

There are so many books out there that focus on getting baby to sleep, and I particularly enjoyed the fresh storyline of Who Will Sing a Lullaby? There are even opportunities for laughter as the birds keep waking up the baby in the story.

If you're looking for a new book to read to your kids before bedtime, this is a nice, short read that may help them drift off to dreamland.

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