Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Giving Tree, Arts and Crafts

I'm posting this tonight because my little chica has a nasty virus. She's sleeping right now, so I thought I'd write while I was coherent and not covered in projectile vomit. I keep waiting for me or the hubby to get sick any minute.

Anyway, here are some arts and crafts ideas that fit nicely with The Giving Tree. Enjoy!

Life Cycle of an Apple:

Divide a piece of construction paper into four squares. Have your child draw the life cycle of an apple, one stage in each square (Seed, tree, blossom, fruit) If you have apple seeds, glue them on the paper.

Leaf Rubbings: Gather leaves from different trees. Place the leaves on a piece of paper and put another piece of paper on top of the leaves. With crayons, rub the leaves until the veins show up on the paper.

Leaf Poster: Take a walk with your child and gather leaves from different types of trees. Also gather other things you find that may have fallen on the ground like pine needles, acorns, and twigs. Glue different types of leaves on a poster and label the type of tree each one came from and decorate the poster with the other items you’ve found.

Parts of a Tree: Draw a picture of an apple tree and label the different parts, such as leaf, branch, twig, and trunk.

Twig Vase: Finally, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, check out this twig vase activity I found online.

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