Friday, November 30, 2007

The Benefits of Reading Aloud With Children

Reading and instilling the love of reading in children is my passion. Why? Because I truly believe that reading has a huge impact on a child's life. There is so much research out there backing me up, and United Through Reading sums it up very well:

The Benefits of Reading Aloud with Children:
  • Children's self-esteem grows as they experience the security of having a parent or other caring person read aloud with them.
  • Children learn listening skills, vocabulary, and language skills.
  • Children develop imagination and creativity.
  • Children learn concepts and information about the world around them.
  • Children learn positive behavior patterns and social conduct.
  • Children learn positive attitudes towards themselves and others.
  • Children learn the joy of reading!

This is why I started this blog and why I've become obsessed with building it and researching and giving recommendations for quality books that will help you instill the joy of reading in your child.

If you're unfamiliar with United Through Reading, check them out. They have two excellent programs for Military families and for children of incarcerated parents.

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