Tuesday, January 30, 2007

About Me

I'm Jill Tullo, a mother of two, former teacher, and book-lover. I've been reading and collecting books my entire life and cannot imagine life without books. The birth of my daughter in 2007 brought my passion for books and literacy to a new level and inspired me to create this blog, The Well-Read Child.

At The Well-Read Child you can expect to find a variety of book recommendations that I particularly think children will love, tips for reading with kids, and sharing what I'm reading with my children.

In the "real world," I'm a strategist for a marketing firm in the DC metro area and a freelance writer and editor. Thank you for reading and letting me share my passion with you!


  1. Hi Jill, I love your blog. I am also a teacher and I share your love for reading to children. I have two girls myself who have grown up way too fast (11 and 15). I've been looking for good blogs by moms to share an idea I came up with. Please check out my blog, oviedosassychicken.blogspot.com. I currently have one of my book fairy houses in my second grade classroom and LOVE the reaction of the students. The book fairy loves to read herself and somehow know exactly how much the children read in my class :o). She even leaves little surprises, such as tiny notes, to praise and encourage children to read. It is great fun. My goal was to motivate the children who obviously don't read with their parents at home. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how all the children have really taken to it. I'd love to send you one. Please let me know what you think.

  2. Hi Jill! You have a great blog and a terrific website in general.

    Check your intro, though, under "About Me" -- I think you meant to say you cannot imagine life withOUT books instead of "with books" -- don'tcha just hate it when that happens?

    I'm also the mother of two (ages 15 & 18), and a former teacher. I'm now an early childhood literacy specialist.

    Can't wait to explore more of "The Well-Read Child" in weeks to come.

    -- LynndaC

  3. ooops...thanks for catching that!!!

  4. Hello Jill,
    I came aross your blog while looking for reading recommendations for my 4.5 yr old. I am not a reader myself(I know that would make you feel sad!). Most of the time I do non-fictional and work/career related reading.

    I am a mom of 9.5 and 4.5 yr old and try to read to them daily for atleast an hour or two. My little one loves books and we randomly pick books from the kids section in the library. Its nice to come to your blog and get the titles and recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to share it with others.