Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey! Have you seen Wordle?

Wordle is my new favorite way to waste time. You can enter your favorite string of words to create a pretty word cloud. You can also enter the URL of your website or blog, and it will pull words from your site to create a word cloud. It can also create a word cloud using your del.icio.us tags. Click randomize to get all kinds of different colors, fonts, and layouts.

Here are a couple of the clouds I created by entering The Well-Read Child's URL.



  1. Jill, I love wordle! Glad you had fun with it.

  2. Cool! I might have to try that!

  3. Love it. Here's mine. http://brimfulcuriosities.blogspot.com/2008/11/word-fun-with-wordle.html

  4. Thanks for letting us know about this. I've been on it for hours now!