Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Children's Books About Voting, Elections, etc.

I went to my polling place this morning to cast my vote for the presidential candidate, and I was a little depressed at the turnout. I live in a highly populated area, and when one person is standing in line in front of me, it makes me wonder why people choose not to vote. I always make an effort to vote, partly because I know it's my civic duty and I want to make my voice hear and partly because I want to honor all of the hard work of so many people who fought so hard to get women the right to vote.

I also wondered what children's books were out there on the topic of voting, elections, suffrage, etc.

Here's what I found:

Vote! by Eileen Christelow
From Booklist: "The words are straightforward, the art whimsical and creative, and two darling dogs provide color commentary on the action. The frame story is a mayoral election in which the mother of a young, African American named Angela Johnson is one of the candidates. The book follows the action from political rallies, fund-raisers, and debates through the election, ending with a successful recount. Along the way, all the pertinent questions are asked and answered: What is voting? Why doesn't everyone vote? Who decided who can vote?"

Presidential Elections: And Other Cool Facts by Sly Sobel

From Amazon.com: "Which three pairs of relatives have been U.S. presidents? What is the electoral college? What's a caucus? How often has the vice president become president? The answers to these and many other questions about the presidential elections are revealed in this quick, friendly read..."

The Ballot Box Battle (Dragonfly Books) by Emily Arnold Mccully
From School Library Journal: "History, the subtle and not-so-subtle oppression of women, and the redoubtable character of Elizabeth Cady Stanton are made real and alive in this colorfully illustrated story set in the summer of 1880."

A Long Way to Go: A Story of Women's Right to Vote by Zibby O'Neal

From School Library Journal: "A wealthy New York City household is disrupted when 10-year-old Lila's very proper grandmother is arrested for picketing the White House for women's suffrage. The year is 1917, the U. S. is at war, and the general feeling is that President Wilson has enough on his mind without the rantings of these outspoken society women."

Fannie Lou Hamer: Fighting for the Right to Vote (African-American Biographies) by Laura Baskes Litwin

From Amazon: "A biography of the civil rights activist who devoted her life to helping blacks register to vote and gain a national political voice."

The Fifteenth Amendment: African-American Men's Right to Vote by Susan Banfield

From Amazon: Examines the Amendment which gave African-American men the right to vote and discusses the struggle that took place to regain this right when it was denied.

So, tell me...why do you vote? Do you do anything to teach your children about the importance of voting? Are there other books out there you love?


  1. kudos to you
    for this topic ~
    the league of women voters was a presence in my childhood, due to my mother's participation ~

    i would like to share this title ~
    ann bausum's, With Courage & Cloth, her comprehensive pictorial version of this nation's history of the fight, truly a fight, for women's right to vote.
    i reviewed it & follow her titles, for children's nonfiction.
    thanks much for your column
    jg annino
    wordpress.com (my blog that supplements a new kids' book on animals.)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Wow...With Courage & Cloth looks like an amazing book. I will be sure to check it out.

    I also checked out your blog. Florida's Famous Animals looks like a great book.