Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spotlight on Lisa Humphrey and David Danioth

Lisa Humphrey is a literacy coach in Los Angeles and an advocate for peace and women's rights. She decided to write A Mother's Promise when a close friend wondered whether the world was too frightening to bring a child into it. I know I had the same question when I was pregnant and was able to find some comfort by reading A Mother's Promise and being reminded that there are many beautiful things in the world (along with all of the scary stuff). A Mother's Promise is Humphrey's only children's book.

A faculty member at the Art Insitute of Seattle, David Danioth illustrates not only picture books but also for media such as video production and the gaming industry. His first book, The Tree,written by Dana Lyons, received the "Earth Hero Award", "Skipping Stones Honor Award", and Foreword Magazine's "Book of the Year".


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