Friday, January 11, 2008

Poetry Friday--Don't be a Grouch

Have you ever had one of those days where you're grumpy for no apparent reason? Well, I've been having one of those weeks, and today I'm just one grumpy bird. And when I'm grumpy, I turn to my favorite grouch friend, Oscar, who has a knack for making me smile with his grouchiness.

Today, I'm presenting song as poetry with Oscar's classic "Knock Three Times."

If you want to see me, I'll tell you what to do,
Knock three times on my trashcan lid, and then I'll know it's you.
Knock three times (knock, knock, knock sound)
Knock three times (knock, knock, knock sound)
Knock three times (knock, knock, knock sound while he sings:)
And here's what I'll do:
I'll yell, "GO AWAY!"
'Cause I don't wanna see you.

Read the rest HERE.

Thanks to The Book Mine Set for hosting Poetry Friday this week!


  1. Ah, you gotta love Oscar! "I Love Trash" is another favorite Oscar tune of mine. I like to sing it when I clean the closets.

    P.S. I linked you on carp(e) libris!

  2. Oooh- "I Love Trash" is another terrific Oscar song. And so is Oscar's parody of "It's Not Easy Being Green."

    Speaking of being a "Grumpy Bird," have you read the book of the same name by Jeremy Tankard?

  3. I have to say that Oscar just might be my favorite Sesame Street character...but Grover is definitely up there.

    Susan--I haven't read "Grumpy Bird," but I'll be sure to check it out next time I go to the library or bookstore.

    Diane--thanks for linking to me. I love how you feature books from small presses and give us the opportunity to hear about books that don't get the publicity the larger presses can give them. I just added Boxing for Cuba to my must-read list, and linked to carp(e) libris from my blog. P.S. I also love The Mommy Spot. :)