Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Velveteen Rabbit Learning Activities

Activities to Build Language and Vocabulary:

Favorite Toy:
Have your child pick his/her favorite toy and describe what it looks like, why it is his/her favorite, where he/she got it, etc. Talk about all of the different toys in the story. Point to the pictures on the pages, and ask him/her to name each toy.

Animals: The book features rabbits and a toy horse. Have your child talk about his or her favorite animal. Identify other animals he/she likes. Find a picture book with animals and point to each one, naming them as you point. Ask your child to make the sound the animal makes. For beginning readers, spell out the name of the animal.

Talk about the different emotions the Velveteen Rabbit felt, and when he felt each emotion. Ask your child to talk about a time when he/she was happy, excited, sad, etc.

Friendship: Ask your child to describe his/her friends and what they like most about each one. Tell your child the same about your friends.

Gifts: Discuss gifts and ask your child to talk about his/her favorite gift.

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