Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Giving Tree Learning Activities

Here are some learning activities you can use with your child as you read The Giving Tree. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Life Cycle of Apple: Talk about the life cycle of the apple, from seed to tree to blossom to fruit
Trees: Talk about the uses for trees, from oxygen to wood to paper; Identify the items in your house that are made of wood. Walk around the neighborhood or in a park and collect leaves from trees; identify different types of trees.

Apples…get different kinds of apples, in different colors. Have him/her taste the different apples and identify his or her favorite. If you are a teacher or have a lot of kids, make an “apple pie chart,” charting everyone’s favorite.
Talk about the different products made from apples, such as applesauce, apple juice, apple butter, and apple pie.

Talk about the difference between happy and sad. Talk about other emotions.

Plant a Tree:
If you have the space and means to do so, plant a tree in your front or back yard. Explain the environmental benefits of planting trees.

Make an APPLE poem. Write APPLE down the side of a paper and have your child write a word about apples that corresponds with each letter. OR
Write 5 words that begin with the letters in apple.

Let me know what you tried and how it went!


  1. My daughter Amelia and I have had a great time reading this book. Fall is a perfect time. The other day, it was warm enough to be outside while I raked leaves, and we pointed to the tree in the book, and the big oak in our back yard. She's just two, but pointing to the drawing of the tree, and the real tree seemed to be a lot of fun. Then she kicked through my leaf pile.

  2. Jay's comment made me think of another idea. Why not enjoy these last weeks of Fall and go on a leaf treasure hunt? See who can find the most leaves of different colors.